Organic Rosa Damascena Dry Petals

Organic dry rose petals are powdered and applied to diaper rash, and rose petal tea is given to the infant orally also to help cure diaper rash. In addition, it is given for infant colic.The organic petals are used to make a syrup that is used as a laxative and for sore throat and enlarged tonsils, uterine hemorrhage, and cold sores.Dry Rose Petals, manufactured by us, are in high demand as they are totally pure and are dried properly by using suitable techniques..

Rose petals have been used for conditions such as fevers, headache, jaundice, joint pain, fainting, weakness, “trembling of the heart,” poor digestion, and infection. Roses are tonic and astringent. They stop bleeding and excessive mucous discharge and ease the discomfort related to bowel disorders and eye complaints.

Packing Options: 1kg/5kg/10kg.

Supporting documents: MSDS,Specification sheet.

Organic Certificate: The dry petals are certified organic by LACON GmbH