Rose alba seedlings organic

Product Description:

Best grown in moist, slightly acidic, well-drained garden loams in full sun to part shade, but this rose is also very adaptable to somewhat poor soils, including sandy, clay or gravelly ones. Best flowering and disease resistance generally occur in full sun. Water deeply and regularly (mornings are best). Avoid overhead watering. Excellent drainage is one of the keys to growing this shrub well. Avoid wet soils. Good air circulation promotes vigorous and healthy growth and helps control foliar diseases. Summer mulch helps retain moisture, keeps roots cool and discourages weeds. Remove spent flowers to encourage rebloom (flower removal does prevent hip growth). Remove and destroy diseased leaves from plants, as practicable, and clean up and destroy dead leaves from the ground around the plants both during the growing season and as part of a thorough cleanup during winter (dormant season). Prune as needed in late winter to early spring.

Alba roses are very hardy large shrubs with sparsely prickly stems, greyish-green leaves and clusters of fragrant, double or semi-double flowers in midsummer.


Very fragrant summer flowering shrub rose can be trained as a climber. It will grow in a wide rage of situations but best in an open site with full sun and moderately fertile, humus-rich, moist but well-drained soil. For best flowering apply a balanced fertiliser and mulch in late winter or early spring. Tolerant of some shade, and poor soils. Suitable for hedging.