Organic Аlba Rose water

Product Description:

Our Bulgarian Organic Rose Alba water is a 100% pure and Natural product obtained by distillation of the oil-bearing white rose (Rosa Alba L.).

The water is distilled from fresh blossoms of white roses, grown in ecologically-clean area near the village of Gabarevo, region of Pavel Banya. The rose plantations and soils are not treated with pesticides, artificial fertilizers or other synthetic preparations.

The water from the blossoms of Rosa alba has a soothing and anti-inflammatory effect on rash and skin irritation. It cleanses, softens, moisturizes and scents the skin.

Botanical name:Rosa Alba

Packing Options: 25kg/30kg/250kg/1000kg.

Supporting documents: MSDS,Specification sheet, Organic certificate

Organic Certificate: This water is certified organic by LACON GmbH

Origin: Bulgaria

Parts used: From the petals, hand picked at dawn when the fragrance is at its best.

Extraction method: Steam destilled


When having to spend long hours in front of the computer screen, refresh and calm your eyes with white rose water. To soothe the skin after sun burn spray directly and you will feel the effect within seconds.

Scent: crisp, bright, vibrant, flowery

Effect: mild, uplifting, balancing, aphrodisiac

Use: For aromatherapy, cosmetics and culinary cuisine

Storage: Keep in a cool place