Organic Roman Chamomile water

Product Description:

The aroma of Organic Roman Chamomile water is reminiscent to the aroma of chamomile tea. It is more herbaceous than the essential oil. It is slightly floral with a sweet, fruit-like aroma. Organic Roman Chamomile water is a remarkable water for its use both in emotional and skin care applications.

Botanical name: Chamaemelum nobile

Packing Options: 25kg/30kg/210kg/1000kg

Supporting documents: MSDS,Specification sheet, Organic certificate

Organic Certificate: This water is certified organic by LACON GmbH

Extraction method: Steam distillation of color

Aroma:Fresh,rich,sweet,fruity,apple-like aroma

Chemical composition (main ingredients): Isobutyl angelate, Butyl angelate, 3-Methylpentyl angelate, Camphene, Borneol, Pinene, Terpinene, Chamazulene

BODY: In disorders of digestion, gas and colic. For babies also very appropriate. In CMD and especially the state of variable moods
With nervous disorders and stress.
SKIN: In irritated skin and sensitive skin
SPIRIT: Calms down, reduces distraction and anxiety. It acts balancing.