Roman Chamomile seedlings

Product Description:

Roman chamomile has many of the same uses as the more popular German Chamomile. The visual differences are in size, growth rate, and growing style.

Roman Chamomile is of the low growing, creeper variety. Much like mint, it will take over the space it is in and the surrounding area. The plants I have are rated to Hardiness Zone 3-7, meaning they can handle as low as -40 degrees.

Roman Chamomile is a small, attractive, creeping plant with daisy-like flowers and aromatic, feathery, grey-green leaves which have a fresh apple scent when crushed and are commonly made into tea.

This perennial herb will only grow to about 25cm (10in) as it creeps along the ground and makes an excellent ground cover or creeper

The solitary flowers have white ray florets with a yellow disc standing proudly on the top of the stem. This is a plant which can make good ground cover if kept short and is ideal as a lawn substitute.