Organic Peppermint oil

Product Description:

We produce our Bulgarian Perppermint oil by harvesting the peppermint flowers from our own chemical-free Organic peppermint fields.

Peppermint oil (Mentha piperita) belongs to the Labiatae family. The oil is extracted by steam distillation from the leaves and flowers. The oil is a pale liquid, and its main constituents are menthol and menthone.

Peppermint essential oil comes from a hybrid of mint plants. This particular type of Peppermint oil has a very strong aroma, making it ideal for use in aromatherapy practice and fragrances.

Botanical name:Mentha piperita

Packing Options: 0.100kg/0.250kg/1kg/5kg/10kg.

Supporting documents: MSDS,Specification sheet, Organic certificate

Organic Certificate: This essential oil is certified organic by LACON GmbH

Origin: Bulgaria

Parts used: Leaves

Extraction method: Steam destilled


Organic Peppermint Essential Oil has a cooling effect on the skin that is revitalizing and wonderful to the touch, due to its menthol content. With many amazing uses for this essential oil, Organic Peppermint, is a valuable addition to any oil collection.

The medicinal properties of Peppermint have been documented for many years, with emphasis as a reliever for the symptoms of coughs and colds and as a natural decongestant. It also has benefits when treating IBS and digestive complaints and can be massaged in to the stomach to sooth indigestion and bloating.