Organic Lavender Essential oil

Product Description:

We produce our Bulgarian Lavender oil by harvesting the Lavender from our own chemical-free Organic lavender fields.

Organic Lavender Essential Oil is one of the most popular among the essential oils and it is extremely versatile oil with a plethora of uses. In aromatherapy, it is thought to have a calming and soothing effect on the senses. Add a few drops to your diffuser or burner and immerse yourself in the relaxing nature of Lavender Oil.

Organic Lavender Oil is well known for its relaxant properties, and therefore is often features in massage oils blends, particularly calming blends. Used in massage before bedtime, it can help you unwind and let go of the stresses of the day.

This variety is grown organically in Bulgaria and has a stronger and more assertive scent. This variety is often used in perfumery.

Botanical name: Lavandula Angustifolia

Packing Options: 25kg/50kg/175kg/180kg.

Supporting documents: MSDS,Specification sheet, Organic certificate

Organic Certificate: This essential oil is certified organic by LACON GmbH

Origin: Bulgaria

Parts used: flowers

Extraction method: Steam destilled

Uses: Perhaps the easiest way to use lavender oil is through simple, direct palm inhalation. Place a drop of this deeply soothing oil in the palm of your hand, gently rub your palms together, bring them towards your face and take a deep inhalation…the benefits of lavender are immediate and obvious! To our knowledge, no one has ever complained about the fragrance of lavender. It is universally loved and almost always appreciated.