German Chamomile seedlings organic

Product Description:

German Chamomile seeds are one of the few seeds that need light to germinate, so starting them by seed is a delicate process. It is best planted outdoors in August by broadcasting the seed and mixing very lightly with the soil. Alternatively, they can be started indoors in propagation flats in March and transplanted outdoors after a hardening off period. In most cases, direct planting in the garden after all chance of frost has passed are successful, as well. Once they are firmly established, German Chamomile is extremely hardy.

Plant Height:

Chamomile usually grows to a height of 50 – 70cm.

Plant Spacing:

Chamomile plants should be spaced 15 cm apart.

The best yields for commercial cultivation are often achieved in sandy-loam deep soils with pH close to 7 and good drainage. Although there are reported cases in which chamomile plants give a good yield in pH close to 9, such a high soil pH must be avoided, because then the crop needs special operations and management.