Agro-Product is a family company founded in 2008 in the beautiful Bulgarian village of Gabarevo, located in the heart of the rose valley near the famous with its healing mineral water town of Pavel Banya.

The CEO of our company Mr. Ridvan Ilyaz starts this business as a producer of rose-seedlings. From one greenhouse (nursery) given his efforts and discipline step by step, he successfully created a modern distillery for the production of essential oils.

The quality natural products produced by the company have been very influential in our longstanding loyal relationships with our customers. The company is also known for the wide range of innovative products it introduces each year.

With enormous work and care, our seedlings are turned into high quality herbal raw materials for the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food and many other industries.

All products produced by us are analyzed and certified by a specialized laboratory, which guarantees their high quality.